21 Exciting Living Room Curtains Ideas You’d Want to Try

The living room is arguably the most important part of the house. As such, it must be decorated as best as possible. An ideal living room looks good, feels comfortable, and has a personality. Curtains can help you make such a living room, as our living room curtains ideas will show you shortly.

Curtains are not only important to filter sunlight and provide privacy, but they are also important for the decorating style of the living room as well. Depending on your styling, curtains can be the focal point or complementary parts of the room. Let’s get to the ideas now.

Gray Solid Curtain

curtains for living room window ideas

When it comes to living room curtains design, there is no limit on how many layers one can use. Although many homeowners do settle with a single layer, it is by no means the only option you have. Double layers, as seen here, can work just as great.

Notice there are double layers of curtains here. The first inner layer is white while the second outer layer is solid gray. The mild contrast that the two colors bring makes the living room more interesting and warmer. Don’t think a single layer is enough? Just make it two.


living room window curtains ideas
source : thepaintedhinge

Need living room curtains ideas for a farmhouse living room? These curtains here are excellent for such a decorating style. The curtains add texture, warmth, and feeling at home, making them the ideal choice for a farmhouse living room.

While the usual, up to bottom curtains are enough, you can make the curtains more dramatic by crossing the two to opposite sides.

This styling adds interesting visual cues without disrupting the farmhouse vibe of the living room. It is surely among the most subtle ideas for living room curtains to try.

Curtain with Window Shades

window curtains ideas for living room
source : twotwentyone

While dramatic curtains are fine and dandy, there are cases where they aren’t the best options. For example, a minimalist living room would look strange with dramatic curtains. For a minimalist living room, like the one you have seen here, simpler curtains are the best options.

Look how straight to the point this living room curtains design is. They are white, folded, and flow from top to bottom in a straight line.

Very simple design, isn’t it? Yet, the curtain’s simplicity is what makes them the best option: they complement the minimalist vibe.

Cover the Wall

modern living room curtains ideas
source : studio mcgee

Wondering how long should living room curtains be? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to that question. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Think about it in another way. Since there is no definite length one can use, you are free to decide the length of your curtains.

For example, if you want a more contemporary look, pick curtains that are shorter with its lower ends floating just above the floor.

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If you want a more traditional look and/or make it more dramatic, pick longer curtains like these ones that either cover the entire wall or rest on the floor.

Make a Statement

living room curtains design ideas
source : houseandgarden

Want living room curtains ideas to make a statement instead? Pick bright and bold colored curtains then. Just look at these curtains. They look so gorgeous. And that is because they have a bold mustard yellow color.

You can’t just pick such kind of curtains, of course. Be aware of your living room’s decorating style. If the room is mostly neutral, as the one you have seen here, bright and bold colored curtains would make the best statement and impression. Likewise, a bright and colorful living room would need more neutral curtains.

Small and Simple

curtains ideas for small living room
source : sarah_w_studios

While living room curtains styles matter a lot, going overboard with it is never good. This is especially true if your living room has a rather minimalist vibe. In some cases, going small and simple is among the best ideas for living room curtains, if not the best.

Look at these small and simple curtains. Looks very pretty, aren’t they? Despite their size and simple design, these curtains manage to draw attention as well as complement the minimalist style of the living room. Best of all, the curtains do so in a covert manner, which makes them even better choices.

Curtain Rods

ideas for living room curtains decor
source : ahomefordesign

The industrial decorating style is trending now. It shouldn’t be a surprise as this style has a unique charm to it. Inspired by factories and warehouses, the industrial style brings an engineered look to any room. Among the characteristics of the style are exposed to metal, rustic wood, and earth tone and metallic hues.

Perhaps you want the living room curtains ideas with industrial vibes? These curtains here are good examples of how industrial curtains look like.

Notice the metal rod and grayish curtains. The color of the curtains complements the industrial design elements, making the living room look engineered even more.

Multiple Curtains

living room curtains decorating ideas
source : carlycristman

In your search for ideas of living room curtains, you might notice that many homeowners use only a single or a pair of curtains in their living room. Of course, decorating the curtains is far more flexible than that. Indeed, a single or pair of curtains is a commonality rather than the rule.

Just look at this living room. It doesn’t have a single or a pair of curtains. Instead, it has four of them. The four curtains not only things more practical, but they also add interesting visual cues too as the living room looks more dramatic and stylish.

Striped Lines

curtains in living room ideas
source : athoughtfulplaceblog

Make the large living room windows more appealing with curtains with striped lines like these. Large windows draw attention.

In a living room that lacks visual cues, one would need curtains that can add interest without interfering with the decor. Striped line curtains are among the best options for that.

Rather than drawing attention to themselves, the curtains give the spotlight to the more vibrant and bold pillows and the brown basket.

If what you want are complementary elements that look attractive, using striped line curtains is definitely one of the best living room curtains ideas to try.

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With Patterns

small living room curtains ideas
source : zdesignathome

Of course, curtains with striped lines are not the only option available. You can add interest subtly with patterns, too. As seen here, the curtains complement the décor and make the living room more appealing and pleasing to the eyes.

The patterns of the curtains add interest while the colors provide a great background for the sofa to stand out. The best thing about the curtains is that they make the small living room appears larger than it is. Awesome, right?

Make It Dramatic

drapes living room curtain ideas
source : ourhandcraftedlife

The next in our living room curtains ideas is for those who like to be dramatic. With curtains, it doesn’t take much add such a dramatic vibe to the living room. All it takes is a pair of long, white curtains that flow from above down to the floor. Yes, curtains like these.

Any living room, even the minimalist ones, will look a lot more dramatic with a pair of white flowing curtains. This is especially true if the curtains are much higher than the windows.

Buffalo Check Curtains

living room curtains ideas
source : hymnsandverses

Black and white is such a classic design element. It is versatile, works well with most decorating styles, and most importantly, adds beauty. Not surprisingly, among the most versatile living room curtains styles is black and white as seen here.

Notice how the black and white curtains add beauty and yet, allow the other decorations to shine. In a way, the black and white curtains break the color scheme. This prevents the living room from looking plain and boring.

Naturally Elegant

modern curtains ideas for living room
source : sara pavao

Can you bring nature and elegance together? Of course, you can. To make a living room with natural touches like this more elegant, proper living room curtains design is required. That is, white, semi-transparent curtains that flow smoothly from above to below.

Aesthetically, white, semi-transparent curtains add elegance to the natural living room. Practically, they allow more sunlight to enter, thus feeding the plants with sunlight they need and brighten the space. We consider this one of the best living room curtains ideas if you want to go elegant and natural.

Living Room Curtains Ideas

country living room curtains ideas
source : harlowejames

Yes, ‘invisible’ curtains. Sometimes, rather than looking different, the curtains are better off completing the color scheme.

In this case, the curtains have the same color as the walls. This allows them to become the perfect background for any decorating elements to stand out.

In this living room, the vibrant green from the plant is the point of interest. With white walls and ‘invisible’ curtains like these, the vibrant green stands out, creating a focal point that is amazing to look at and also brings a fresh vibe as well.

Bamboo Shades

living room ideas with curtains
source : shadesofblueinteriors

Unlike most living room curtains ideas in the list, this idea incorporates two design elements: curtains with patterns and bamboo shades. Does the combination look good? Absolutely.

When opened, this combination creates an appealing visual cue, putting the focus on the warm bamboo shades. When closed, the attention is on the curtains. As they have patterns, they add contrast and texture, making the living room much more appealing.

Solid Color Curtain

home decorating ideas living room curtains
source : homelava

Two colors are not enough? Try three. As seen here, the combination of monochrome yellow, gray, and white adds an interesting visual cue to the living room.

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It makes the space feel warm, lively and bright. Such living room curtains styles can be used both as focal points as well as complementary elements. Yes, they are that good.

However, as good as they are, tri-colored curtains do have limitations. The most important is the colors. To prevent the curtains from overwhelming the space, monochrome and neutral colors are the best options. Unless the whole living room is neutral, never choose bright colors for the curtains.

Victorian Living Room Curtains Ideas

living room drapes and curtains ideas
source : imperfectinteriors

This is one of the most stylish living room curtains ideas on the list. If we can sum up the Victorian style in two words, that would be elegance and dramatic. Just look how elegant and dramatic this living room here.

With the ceiling and walls white, the long, solid gray curtains add even more elegance and dramatic vibe. The contrast between the gray and the white creates a sleek visual cue, one which none can just ignore.

Teal Curtains Living Room

Teal Curtains Living Room
source : Lightology

The mid century style emerged back in the middle of the 20th century. The style is known for its use of sleek lines, minimal ornamentation, functionality, and materials that contrast with each other. All of which you can see in this living room.

The beauty of the mid century style is that all parts matter in bringing the intended vibe. Yes, including the curtains. Here, the living room curtains green completes the bold color scheme in the room. And true to the mid century spirit, the curtains have sleek lines, no patterns, and fully functional to block sunlight when needed.

There are varieties of decorating styles for the living room. One of them is the mid century style. Want to implement such a style to your living room? Check out these mid century living room for inspiration.

Floral Fall

interior design ideas for living room curtains
source : artbyarmaya

Want to full flowery? Go ahead and do so, then. Curtains with flower patterns look sweet and beautiful. They will surely brighten not just the room but the mood as well. This works extremely well with a living room with lots of flowery patterns.

The beauty of such flower living room curtains design is that they add visible visual cues without being overboard about it.

Depending on the living room decorating style, such curtains can be either the main point of interest or complementary parts. Either way, the curtains will look great.

Simple yet Elegant

interior design ideas living room curtains
source : hellocharminghome

The last but definitely not the least in our living room curtains ideas list is rather simple. Don’t be mistaken, though. As simple as these curtains are, they make the living room looks more elegant. The clear patterns at the top slowly fade as the curtains flow down, creating an interesting view.

As you have seen from the examples, the curtain window is also an important of living room decor, too. And there are lots and lots of ways to decorate the living room with it as our curtain window ideas here will show you.

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