20 Amazing Ideas for Black Kitchen Cabinet that Will Tempt You to the Dark Side

A black kitchen cabinet is always a welcome addition to just about any kind of kitchens. Yes, regardless of the kitchen décor, such a cabinet adds beauty and interest. Here, we will share 20 black kitchen cabinet ideas to show you how amazing a kitchen can be with a black cabinet.

From a wall-mount to a corner cabinet, there are just myriads of ways to utilize the black cabinet. Indeed, you can be very creative in adding inky shade into your beloved kitchen, as our ideas below will show you. Alright, with no more delay, here are the ideas that will tempt you to the dark side.

Wall-sized Cabinet

black kitchen cabinet ideas
source : HGTV

Let’s start the list with a black kitchen wall cabinet. Notice how it is not your ordinary kitchen cabinet. Usually, the kitchen cabinet is spread across horizontally along the kitchen’s wall. This one, on the other hand, is in a single wall and occupies it entirely.

This kind of kitchen cabinet puts everything in a single place. This makes it easy for you to find anything you find. That’s the practicality. When it comes to appearance, it makes a statement that none can ignore. If anything, this cabinet is the focal point of the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinet is an integral part of a kitchen. A kitchen is just incomplete without the presence of the cabinet. The thing is, it is difficult to add a kitchen cabinet in the corner. If you want to know how to add a corner kitchen cabinet, you can check it out here.

Above and Below

black kitchen cabinets ideas
source : elizabethroberts

You are not limited to a single black kitchen cabinet, of course. Every one needs extra storage. If you need more storage your kitchen utensils, ingredients, seasonings, and other items, having two black kitchen cabinets will be especially helpful. With more storage, organizing will be a lot easier.

Aesthetically speaking, the black cabinets here go in line with the rustic kitchen. Notice the cabinets bring striking contrast to the table, making the kitchen not just welcoming and warm but also stylish as well. The fact that the kitchen has white countertops and basins only make it even more appealing.

Simple and Sophisticated

white and black kitchen cabinet
source : Dichotomy Interiors

Black is a color that gives the impression of sophisticated. Want to make the kitchen looks more sophisticated? Just add a black cabinet or two into it. Look at how this simple kitchen looks more sophisticated thanks to the black kitchen cabinet.

To get a unified look, you need to choose a kitchen cabinet that has a hint of similarity to the kitchen. For example, these black kitchen cabinet handles are wooden, similar to the table. This gives an integrated look, preventing the cabinet from looking off or misplaced.

Bring Out the Rustic

black kitchen cabinets
source : nicety

Not only a black kitchen cabinet adds a sophisticated look, but it also flexible as well. Unlike bright and bold kitchen cabinets which are conditional, black kitchen cabinets have no such limitations. In this kitchen, the black cabinets complement the whole rustic décor of the kitchen.

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Notice that the wall cabinet has a small and simple chalkboard on it. Aesthetically, this accentuates and brings out the rustic of the kitchen even further. Functionally, you can write your favorite recipes, a to-do list or just about anything you want. No need to take a pen and paper to write them down.

Complements the Kitchen

black kitchen cabinet pictures
source : susanburnsdesign

Black kitchen wall cabinets do have a unique charm to it. While they can stand alone and become the center of attention, they can also serve as complementary elements in a kitchen. That is, making the theme of a kitchen whole. And that is what exactly these black cabinets do.

This kitchen here has a traditional rustic design. Notice there are lots of finished wooden surfaces around the kitchen, which is the characteristic of a rustic kitchen. Both the lower and the upper cabinets here break the finished wood look while at the same time, adding the rustic vibe to the entire room.

Kitchen With Distressed Cabinets

distressed black kitchen cabinets
source : HGTV

Continuing our black kitchen cabinet ideas list, the wall-mount black kitchen cabinet here shows how you can have a functional, good-looking and space-efficient cabinet in your kitchen. Due to being wall-mount, it virtually doesn’t eat up any space while provides you with more storage. Isn’t that neat?

As for the looks, it blends excellently with the rest of the kitchen. It doesn’t look misplaced and adds an air of sophistication. Compared to the other ideas, this wall-mount black cabinet is among the best black kitchen cabinet designs. Stylish or space-efficient? Don’t choose. Pick both.

White & Black Kitchen Cabinet

pictures of black kitchen cabinets
source : athomewiththebarkers

One of the easiest ways to make a kitchen interesting is by introducing a contrast. And what better contrast in the kitchen than black and white? Black and white is such a classic color combination that can be used in just about any setting.

Notice the white and black kitchen cabinet here. Besides being functional storage, the pair creates an interesting visual cue. Combined with the patterned tiles on the walls and wooden flooring, the cabinets make the space looks more inviting and welcoming. All that thanks to the striking contrast.

Black Distressed

black kitchen cabinet images
source : bella tucker

There are many options to choose from when it comes to black kitchen cabinet designs. For example, you can choose either to make the cabinet stands out alone, becoming the center of attention or make it accentuates the entire kitchen theme. This black kitchen cabinet here is an example of the latter.

The kitchen cabinet matches the kitchen island. As the two have the same color, it results in a unified design and prevents any unnecessary distraction in the kitchen. Thanks to the two, the kitchen is now whole.

Occupy the Base

black kitchen cabinet designs
source : RoomSecret

Does everyone need black kitchen cabinets? Not necessarily. Sometimes, a kitchen is better looking with a single line of a black cabinet. This is especially true if you have to work with a small kitchen like this one here. In this kitchen, the black cabinet occupies only the lower half or the base of the room.

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The positioning of the black cabinet makes it possible for the upper half of the kitchen to be transformed into something else. Notice the open shelves above. This gives the impression of an open and spacious kitchen as nothing looks cramped in it. So yes, let the cabinet occupies the base.

Kitchen Cabinet/Island

black kitchen cabinet paint
source : HGTV

Adding inky shade certainly is a good idea, particularly if a black kitchen cabinet stands in contrast with the rest of the kitchen. This cabinet here is not your ordinary cabinet. This cabinet is also a kitchen island.

As you can see, the hybrid kitchen cabinet/island makes such a unique and quirky visual statement. How could it not? It is a black cabinet/island in the middle of a mostly white kitchen. It doubles as a cabinet and as an island. It doesn’t require a total kitchen remodeling to have, either. What’s not to like?

Back then, the kitchen island is a luxury. Today, the kitchen island is a must-have. Make the most out of your kitchen island with these kitchen island ideas.

Mix and Match

black kitchen cabinet knobs
source : fabulousbydesignblog

Are black kitchen cabinets in style? The answer to that question is obviously yes. As previous black kitchen cabinet images have shown, black cabinets make a kitchen looks more appealing although admittedly not in the same way bright and colorful cabinets do.

In this kitchen here, there is a unique juxtaposition, a mix, and match between traditional rustic elements from the black cabinet and the modern elements from the kitchen tools. And yet, the combination between the two seemingly opposite makes the kitchen looks amazing. It is old but it is also modern.

Modern Farmhouse

black kitchen cabinet
source : jessicalagrange

If you want a modern vibe in your kitchen yet wants the warmth of rustic style, the modern farmhouse design is your best option. It combines the warm and welcoming vibe that rustic elements give off while incorporating modern elements into the kitchen.

This black kitchen cabinet here covers the entirety of the kitchen and set a rustic tone to it. At the same time, the shiny metals add modernity into the mix. Thus, resulting in a modern farmhouse look. The white countertop and backsplash are nice small touches that complement the kitchen.

Minimalist Black

black kitchen cabinet hardware
source : A-Z Vision Remodeling

Black can go with just about anything, from rustic, elegant, modern and minimalist. This is why black kitchen cabinets make such an amazing addition to any kitchen. So yes, if you want your minimalist kitchen to stay minimalist but has style, incorporating a black cabinet will be a great idea.

In this minimalist kitchen, you can see how the cabinet on the wall adds style to the space. Unlike a bright and bold cabinet, however, this black cabinet stays neutral and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Striking Black Cabinets

black kitchen storage cabinet
source : deringhall

Make the kitchen stylish with black kitchen cabinets. A black cabinet can serve as either a focal point, a complementing element, or the perfect background. This black cabinet here clearly serves as the latter. Look how the cabinet, especially the upper one, showcase items. It is as if you are looking into a display.

The lower half or base cabinet, on the other hand, allows colorful fruits and vegetables, cooking utensils and even the sink to stand out. Coupled with the white walls, the cabinet surely does make the kitchen stylish.

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Tile Backsplash with Black Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets white countertops
source : Deringhall

There is no doubt that the vintage décor style has an ageless allure. It is not surprising considering certain things become more and more classy and elegant as they age. So we do understand why some homeowners make their kitchen vintage. What about your kitchen? Is it vintage-styled as well?

In this kitchen, the vintage comes from the black kitchen cabinet. Notice how ‘old-school’ it looks. This, along with the shiplap wall, gives off the vintage vibe. There is something more, though. The kitchen has a modern twist, courtesy of the sink and the chimney.

Elegance in Simplicity


Elegance usually comes from intricate and delicate designs, but not always. Sometimes, simplicity can elicit elegance as well. Take a good look at this black kitchen cabinet. The cabinet looks quite simple, doesn’t it? And somehow, it makes the kitchen appears more elegant.

The cabinet is all-black with an accent color from its handles. This small touch is where the elegance comes from. What’s more about it is that this kitchen as a whole is simple and small. It is not as spacious as other kitchens. Yet, neither size nor simplicity stops the kitchen from looking elegant.

Sophisticated Cabinet with Corner Shelves


One of the simplest and easiest ways to make a kitchen more sophisticated is by adding black kitchen cabinets in it. This is because in and of itself, black cabinets already look appealing. With proper design and positioning, any kitchen will look better with black cabinets.

In this kitchen, the tone is set by the black cabinets on the base and the wall. These two cabinets define the space and add sophistication to it. The corner shelves are cute addition as they are functional and stand in contrast with the cabinet beside them.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Black Cabinets

photos of black kitchen cabinets
source : Dichotomy Interiors

The next is an example of something subtler and refined. When it comes to black kitchen cabinet designs, tints of gold here and there will turn what was an otherwise ordinary cabinet into something gorgeous, something elegant. Yes, like the cabinet you see here.

The cabinets go in line with the other black-colored parts of the kitchen. The difference is that the golden tints are applied on the black kitchen cabinet handles, not as stripes like the kitchen chimney has. The subtle contrast between the cabinets and their handles brings out the elegant in the room.

Glossy Black Cabinet

pics of black kitchen cabinets
source : remodelista

The last but not least is a glossy cabinet. Compared to the previous pictures of black kitchen cabinets, this one shows how gorgeous the glossy black kitchen cabinet up close and in detail. This cabinet is already attractive on its own, so it can be turned into the focal point right away.

That said, regardless of how good looking the cabinet is, it can still benefit from the other parts in the kitchen. This cabinet, for example, is accentuated by the golden tints of the sink and handles and highlighted by the white background.

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