How Much Does Gutter Replacement Cost?

On average, gutter replacement services will cost you $40 up to $60 in Australia. However, this price range can still change depending on a lot of factors that involve this service.

Gutter Installation Cost Australia

Highest Cost$60
Average Cost$50
Lowest Cost$40

These factors include material costs, the complexity of the project, the size of your house, and many more.

The city where you live can also impact the price of every guttering service you’ll need. For example, gutter replacement in Melbourne or gutter cleaning Sydney can be a lot pricier than in certain cities like Brisbane and Perth, or vice versa.

If you’re planning a renovation that involves replacing your gutters anytime soon, it’s only wise to factor in every detail that could impact the price of the replacement service.

To help you with that, we detailed three of the most important factors that can dictate the amount of cash that you’ll need to shell out. These will help you make an informed decision before signing and committing to an agreement.

1. Materials

how much does gutter replacement cost for 2 story home
how much does gutter replacement cost materials

You have a lot of options when it comes to the materials of the gutter replacements. And the prices may vary depending on the length that you’ll need and the availability of the material itself.

The materials that you must buy may also vary depending on the style and the existing roofing material in your house. As much as possible, you’d want to match your roof and gutters.

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While you can always ask the guttering companies regarding what’s best for your roof, it’s still important that you know a thing or two about these types of materials:

VinylAluminiumStainless SteelCopper

If you live in a state that doesn’t experience harsh weather conditions that much, vinyl is a good choice for your gutters. It’s cheap, lightweight, and easy to maintain!

However, if you live in an area where torrential rains and snowstorms frequently occur, then strike vinyl gutters out on your list.

This material is lightweight and budget-friendly as well. However, aluminium gutters tend to require more frequent repairs compared to other pricier materials.

So if we were you, we’d go for a slightly more expensive material but are more durable and long-lasting as well. Just like the next one.

Compared to aluminium, stainless steel is heavier and more expensive. But it’s certainly more durable than the former and can bear bad weather conditions.

It’s no wonder that stainless steel is one of the most commonly used gutter materials in the biz.

While copper is used mostly for aesthetic purposes, it’s just as durable as steel. And any guttering professional will vouch for that.

The only problem is that copper gutters tend to cut deep in the pocket. So if you’re a little tight with the budget, copper is not your best option.

However, if money is not the problem, then go for it! Just make sure that this type of gutter will perfectly match yourroof which is one of the most important features as well. Just like we mentioned earlier.

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2. Length

how much does gutter replacement cost length
how much does gutter replacement cost length

While the pricing of gutter replacement services normally depends on an hourly rate, some companies charge by the centimetre. So the overall budget you’ll need will ultimately depend on how big your house is.

Companies who charge by the hour, on the other hand, may also depend on the size of your house for their pricing. And that’s because, generally, bigger houses require longer materials and may take a longer time to finish.

3. Accessibility

gutter replacement cost estimator Accessibility
how much does gutter replacement cost accessibility

Another factor that could add to the complexity of the task is the accessibility of your gutters.

If you own a house or a building with multiple stories (barndominium floor plans), replacing its gutters is automatically a tall order. It will require additional tools and effort just to reach the gutters.

Essential equipment like ropes, ladders, scaffoldings, or even heavy lifting machines can also be required to complete the task. Which can drive up the price of the project as well.

4. Other Essential Guttering Components

average gutter replacement cost Components
how much does gutter replacement cost for 2 story home

Sometimes there are guttering accessories that you didn’t know you needed until the tradesmen that went into your house suggested them.

And that’s not because they want to shell out more money from you, but because your house badly needs them. Below are some of the best examples:

Splash blocks

Splash blocks are small accessories that are made out of either plastic or concrete. They are used to redirect the rainwater coming from the downspout into a designated area and away from your home’s foundation, rather than just straight to the ground.

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Gutter flashing

Most gutters are often attached to fascia boards. To prevent the boards from getting damaged by rainwater from the gutters, gutter flashing is installed to divert the water away from the fascia boards.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are installed along the gutter line itself to prevent leaves, twigs, and other organic materials from getting stuck inside the gutters.

This will prevent overflowing in the gutters and ultimately, water damages in the roof, adjacent walls, and ceilings.


If you live in a location with extreme snow conditions, hangers are recommended. These accessories will support your gutters and prevent them from falling due to the weight of thick snow.

Have Your Gutters Replaced by the Pros

how much does gutter replacement cost near me

Now that you know how much the gutters might cost you and other considerations you need to factor in, the next thing you need to do is to look for guttering companies that can meet your guttering needs with the budget that you have.

As much as possible, don’t try to DIY your gutter replacement. As it might cost you an arm and a leg, literally and figuratively.

Hiring professionals to do such a laborious job is the better and cheaper way to go. You can save money on materials since gutter companies always buy in bulk, which always comes with a hefty discount.

Not to mention, you’ll also save a lot of time and effort! Trying to do it yourself might even result in injuries especially if you have no prior experience in any type of house work.

So leave this one to the experts!

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