Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget with Deck

Above Ground Pool Ideas – Having a swimming pool in your own backyard is absolute heaven. How wonderful it is to be able to swim laps or to just take a quick dip on a hot day, all without leaving home.

When you have your own pool you don’t have to pack up your swim gear, towels and a cooler and drive to the local public pool or beach just to get some relief from the heat.

When considering which type of pool to install, you have several different options. First of all, you need to decide whether you want an in-ground pool or an above ground pool.

If you want your own swimming pool without breaking the bank, an above ground pool may be the better option, although they offer less versatility.

Above ground pools usually come pre-constructed, with various components that are intended to be put together on site.

The beauty of this is that these components are fairly simple to work with. But, like everything else the quality will vary depending on your budget for the project.

In addition to an above ground pool ideas being more affordable, it is usually the best choice if you have a small back yards or one that slopes, which limits your usable space.

You’re going to need a lot more space in your yard if you want an in-ground pool, so you may have no choice but to install an above ground pool if space is limited.

At any rate, there are a lot of decking ideas that you can use to make your above-ground pool look spectacular and the focal point of your back yard.

Beautifully Decking Adds Charm

deep above ground pool ideas

You can add a raised deck to your pool in many different styles to integrate your above-ground pool with your back yard landscaping.

Multi-Level Deck Stairs

above ground pool deck

If you have limited space, you can add steps to expand your patio into a multi-leveled deck to surround your above ground pool.

Above Ground Pool Ideas with Deck and Fencing

above ground pool deck ideas

If you’re really ambitious, build a raised enclosure for an above ground pool. You can have a beautiful fenced-in pool inside a gated backyard, as shown in the above photo.

This deck was built on a solid platform surrounding the entire pool to create a private area for entertaining family and friends. To enhance the look, you can add container gardens, patio furniture and lounge chairs.

When you have enough deck space for extra towels, pool toys, and coolers, the whole family can hang out for hours on end without returning to the house for food and supplies.

The above ground pool in this photo looks like a permanent structure, since the deck is so large that it fully surrounds the pool. This is quite unusual for above ground pools.

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Semi Above Ground Pool Ideas

above ground pools with deck ideas

The expansive dark wooden pool deck makes this whole area very relaxing. With a deck this large you have ample room to add plant containers, built-in seating, patio furniture, lounges and anything else you want.

The white coping around the pool in the above photo is the only thing that gives you the idea that this is an above ground pool.

Otherwise, this shows that with serious planning, you can have an above ground pool that people just assume is an in-ground pool.

In this case, the steps are part of the design of the deck, so everything rises up to meet the level of the pool.

Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget

above ground pool ideas

For those who want to keep things simple, a basic circular above ground pool does the trick. There is no need to build an elaborate deck with stairs.

The pool in the above photo is a stand-alone model and all that’s added is the wooden paneling on the outside. A simple pool ladder, which will come with the kit, is all you need to access the pool.

Intex Above Ground Pool Ideas and Nearby Hot Tub

Above-Ground Swimming Pool Ideas

You can have an above ground pool along with a separate hot tub, as shown in the photo above. You will notice that the hot tub (in the lower right corner) is covered.

These homeowners built their deck around their trees, maintaining their landscaping and giving them plenty of shade.

A Custom-Built Abutment

above ground pool ideas

In abutting this above ground pool against an existing patio, the homeowners avoided the cost of an in-ground pool, while achieving the same look from the house.

On the opposite side of the pool they added wooden paneling to enhance the look.

Totally Fenced In

Above-Ground Pool Ideas

These homeowners used their creativity to build a place to hide their bright blue above ground pool by building a fence to totally surround it.

They added the cinderblock stairs and some tall grasses for interest, and then built a small deck at the top out of two-by-fours. Fantastic!!

Stacked Stones Enhance The Look

Above Ground Pool Design Ideas
stone facade above ground pool ideas via hgtv.com

For those of you who are confident about your stone-stacking skills, you can build a stacked-stone wall around the outside of your above ground pool.

Then further enhance it with a similarly built retaining wall a few feet from the pool’s perimeter. If you don’t have the confidence to DIY, then my advice would be to call in a professional.

Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas Landscaping

Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas Landscaping

Creating a lush green garden around an above ground pool is the most popular way to enhance its appearance.

To do this right, you need to avoid planting flowers and instead use plants that are easy to maintain. There are many different varieties of shrubs and tall grasses to choose from.

Once planted, spread mulch on the ground for a smooth look and to extend the life of the plants. You’re going to need to keep the ants and termites away by regularly spraying, so don’t forget!

DIY Tiki Bar

around cheap small diy above ground pool ideas landscaping - harptimes.com
cheap small diy above ground pool ideas via pontusesoderstrom.com

If you have one of those big round blue pools in your backyard, you may want to camouflage it with reed fencing around the outer edge.

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The homeowners here used twine to attach it to the pool and for the Tiki bar; they converted an old wooden palette. Brilliant DIY job, wouldn’t you say?

Landscaping Above Ground Pool Ideas with Deck

above ground pool landscaping design ideas

This is one more example of an above ground pool deck built to accommodate the landscaping. Notice how the deck rises to ensure the pool is level where the ground slopes down (on the left side of photo).

Intex Above Ground Pool Ideas on Hillside

Best Above Ground Pools with Decks Design and Ideas

This San Antonio, Texas home is on hilly ground to say the least. In order to connect this above-ground pool to the home above, a multi-level wooden deck had to be custom built.

The deck was built with an anti-slip surface so that swimmers can safely go in and out of the pool.

Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas with Deck and Bridge

above ground round pool decking ideas

The above ground pool in this photo is enhanced with a deck and a bridge that leads from the house out to the pool.

The entire structure blends perfectly with the landscape and by adding the potted flowering plants, the whole look is enhanced.

Oval Shaped with Double Deck

small above ground pool ideas with deck
small above ground pool ideas with deck via homebestiest.com

In the photo above you can see that the homeowners cordoned off their pool area with a glass fencing to keep their entire deck from getting wet.

Within the pool area you have lounge chairs and a small table with chairs, but on the other “dry” side you have a much larger patio table for more formal meals.

Intex Above Ground Pool Ideas for Small Yards

intex small backyard above ground pool ideas on a budget with deck
intex small backyard above ground pool ideas on a budget with deck via Medium.com

This circular above ground pool is very basic, with just a small deck built on one end of the pool. As it is, this fairly small pool takes up a good portion of this mid-sized backyard.

This shows that with an in-ground pool in this setting, you really wouldn’t have much backyard left.

Neshanic Decking with Deck

semi small backyard above ground pool ideas on a budget with Deck and Railing Ideas
Semi Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget via ThePinsta.com

This above ground pool has a beautiful wooden deck and fence surrounding the entire pool, making it look very much like an in-ground pool.

Pool Stands

Modern Above Ground Pool Ideas with Deck Decoration Pictures
Cool Above Ground Pool Ideas Landscaping with Deck via Pinterest.com

Most people just assume that a swimming pool must be dug in the ground and they never consider how gorgeous many above ground pools are.

Here you can see how a pool like this can be beautifully trimmed in wood to blend in perfectly with the landscaping. Deck Pool and Olympic-Eagle above ground pools are particularly good quality and long lasting.

Above ground pools are not affected as much as in-ground pools by ground water and terrain issues.

For example: sloping yards, high water tables, clay soil, rocky terrain, and standing water can all damage in-ground pools.

Furthermore, winter weather can cause a myriad of problems for in-ground pools yet Deck-Pool and Olympic Eagle pools remain unaffected by these issues.

Pro and Cons Above Ground Pool Ideas for Small Yards

In making your decision, it might be wise to analyze the pros and cons of installing an above ground swimming pool:




1Affordable – An above ground pool is dramatically less expensive than the same size in-ground pool. If you compare prices you will find that an in-ground pool could end up costing you many times more than the cost of installing an above ground pool.Shorter lifetime – An above ground pool will only last you about 7-15 years before you will notice the structure giving out. If you are thinking of this as a permanent fixture in your yard, you need to know that the structure will have to be replaced periodically. The expected lifetime of an in-ground pool is 20+ years, so by comparison an above ground pool really is temporary.
2Easy to construct – Above ground pools can be built quite easily. In most cases you will not need to hire a professional contractor to do the work. The parts are all pre-constructed and they come with very clear instructions, so just about anyone can put it all together.Less durability – Because the sides of an above ground pool are out in the open they are exposed to all the elements, which means they could be damaged. These walls are not built to withstand a lot of abuse, so this must be factored into your decision.
3Requires less space – The amount of space needed for an above ground pool is a lot less than the amount of space you would need in your yard for an in-ground pool. So, if you have a fairly small yard, or one that slopes, an above ground pool makes sense.Fairly shallow – An above ground pool will not have the depth of an in-ground pool since they are only four feet deep. In-ground pool will typically have a shallow end that slopes down towards the deep end, which can go as deep as you want to dig the hole.
4Less upkeep – An above ground pool will be so much easier to take care of so that the water is swimmable than an in-ground pool. You won’t have all the drains and the complicated cleaning routine that often requires a professional to deal with. Above ground pools also require much less preparation when you’re heading into winter.Limited aesthetically – Although the quality of above ground increases all the time and they are becoming more versatile, their aesthetic appeal is quite limited. They tend to be much smaller than an in-ground pool and you have few options when it comes to shape, just round, rectangle or oval.
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Another advantage of having an above ground pool is that they require a lot less maintenance.

I’m not saying they are maintenance free, but you’ll spend a lot less time and money taking care of an above ground pool than you would an in-ground pool.

Very often, above ground pools are surrounded by a raised deck that includes seating areas. One of the most attractive aspects of above ground pools is that you can disassemble them if you sell your house and move.

However, it may be more difficult to dismantle and move your deck, not to mention the landscaping.

Cost Estimation

If you’re considering an above ground pool and planning on doing the installation yourself you can purchase a kit for anywhere from $1,500 to $4,500. The price is largely determined by the size and quality of the pool.

To have a professional come out and install the pool, it would cost you another $1,000 to $3,000 or thereabouts.

Many people like the idea of having a deck built around their above-ground pool, and of course that adds to the cost.

In actuality, there are quite a few different accessories that are routinely added onto above ground pools.

In fact, you can find countless ways to creatively make your pool fit in with the rest of your yard aesthetically with decks, various levels of landscaping and steps.

More Cool Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget

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above ground pool ideas on a budget via Freshome.com
above ground pool deck ideas
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