17 Amazing DIY Hanging Planters to Give Your Indoor Garden a Lift

Adding greeneries is always a good idea. It adds a natural touch and freshness to a house. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to buy or spend lots of money on it. That’s right. You can create your own DIY hanging planters and still get the same effect.

The main difference between ready-made hanging planters and DIY ones is that you can be as creative as you want with DIY planters. As such, they are more personalized. Below, we listed some hanging planter ideas that you can try to beautify your home.

Hanging Planters Brackets

hanging planters brackets
source : shopterrain

Adding a personal touch for the green planters can be done in so many ways. Of course, among them is to use a unique shape like a sphere.

Another great thing about these planters is that they blend well with the plants. Yes, the line between the planter and the plant is blurred.

Due to their unique shapes, these kinds of hanging planters are a great option for both indoor and outdoor garden. They can be hanged just about anywhere and will make any space they are in more beautiful.

Potted Hanging Herb Garden

diy hanging planters indoor
source : freshmommyblog

Have ample vertical space to spare and want to create your own indoor herb garden? Consider creating tiered vertical DIY hanging planters like this. It doesn’t eat up a lot of space and at the same time, provide you with the natural touch and freshness of greeneries.

It is also a great choice if you like to have several plants inside your home. Depending on the wooden board on each tier, you can add two or three planters on them.

Need some herb garden ideas for inspiration? We got your back. Check out our ideas here to create a indoor herb garden.

Mid-Centrury Plant Hanger

hanging planters indoor
source : jungalow

Want something more unusual than a sphere? Try a ‘droplet’ hanging planter. Notice how the wooden ‘droplet’ plant hanger is very simple. But, thanks to its simplicity, it stands out and become an attention-grabbing décor.

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Combining the ‘droplet’ hanging planter with a plant with long and lush leaves certainly makes it even better. No one can just ignore such a beautiful hanging planter.

Easy Hanging Planter DIY

diy hanging planters
source : abeautifulmess

Next in our DIY hanging planters are planters with hooks. In many homes, the upper half of a room is often left unused.

This is unfortunate, considering this space can be used for many things. For example, a simple, mini hanging garden like the above example.

Notice how the otherwise bland and dull interior becomes colorful and interesting. And what does it take? Nothing more than several hanging planter hooks. Those all that is needed. Sometimes, simple things like these can turn an ordinary interior to an extraordinary one.

Stair Wall Planters Indoor

diy wall hanging planters
source : growingspaces

The stair wall is a versatile space. It can be utilized for many things, from a gallery to a garden of wall planters indoor.

If a natural touch and freshness are what you are after, you can try to hang several pots on the stair wall. Doing so will make the interior more interesting and livelier.

This idea is particularly helpful if you don’t have any more space to spare to create a garden. Since the stair wall is often left empty, utilizing it to be an indoor garden is without a doubt a good idea.

There are various ways you can create an indoor garden in your home. Our indoor garden ideas can give you an insight or two on how to create an indoor garden. So, be sure to check them out!

Mini String DIYs

hanging planters rope

diy hanging planter rope
source : freepeople

There is no need to be overly complex in adding planter wall décor. Indeed. Sometimes, simplicity is best. The above DIY hanging planters are good examples of this principle.

There is no elaborate design here. The décor consists of mainly two things: pots with plants and strings that tie them up and hang them on the wall.

How do they look? Nice, of course. If you want something simple yet impactful, these simple string planters are the way to go.

Wooden Hanging Planters

hanging planters diy
source : pinterest

If you need more capacity, you can try creating wooden boxes to carry your hanging green planters. Unlike the previous examples, wooden boxes have more carrying capacity. Thus, allowing you to add larger plants in your garden.

Another great thing about these wooden boxes is that they have a natural vibe which complements the garden overall look. Just add plants with vibrant green leaves and there you go. Now you got an attention-grabbing indoor garden.

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DIY Hanging Planters Macrame

hanging planters macrame
source : whydontyoumakeme

Love macrame knots and ropes? If you do, why not implement them in your indoor garden? The macrame knots add an interesting visual cue to the natural-looking pots. Not only that, since you create the knots yourself, you can customize them as much as you’d like.

There is also the fact that these kinds of wall planters indoor don’t require much to create. They are simple, easy to create and yet, look awesome.

Macramé Plant Hanger

hanging planters on wall
source : modernmacrame

No one says that you are limited to use colors with a natural vibe when creating DIY hanging planters. In fact, incorporating other colors can be great, too. The vertical planters above are good examples of this.

Notice how colorful this garden is. The colors not only come from the plants, but also from other parts as well. The pots, the ropes, and even the accessories, all combine to create a small and colorful indoor garden.

Outdoor Hanging Planters

hanging planters outdoor
source : diariodecuyo

Spherical hanging planters can be used outdoors, too. They can complement an outdoor garden really well because they can hold the pots in place properly while not obstructing the view, unlike many other planters.

Spherical vertical hanging planters, since they are open, allow the plants to grow. You don’t have to change the planters when your plants grow big as they can just flow out of the planters and at the same time, still be in place.

DIY Hanging Planters Modern

hanging planters pots
source : tescoliving

Need something with a modern look with a personalized style? Why not paint your colanders and turning them into hanging planters modern? Painting these colanders with bright colors will make them stand out, turning them into refreshing indoor décor.

You don’t need a lot to create such planters. What you need are

  1. Colanders
  2. Paints
  3. A paintbrush
  4. Ropes

And there you go. To make things easier, add the plants and soil after you are done painting the planters. Hang them when they are set.

Plants on Baskets

hanging planters wall
source : urbanoutfitters

Unlike painted colanders, baskets have a more natural vibe to it. This is particularly true if the baskets don’t have a finish.

Since they are simple, they are a perfect match for a minimalist or modern interior. It is among the best DIY hanging planters ideas if you love the minimalist or modern décor.

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For a better look, don’t fill the baskets with soil until they are full. Rather, leave some space at the top so the soil is not visible and let the leaves flow out from the baskets.

Flowers Plant Wall

diy hanging planter holder
source : ebay

Not everyone likes or has the space to have the DIY wall hanging planters. Some of us prefer a mini garden in our interior. If you like the same thing, consider creating a mini garden like the above.

You need several small plants, small glass containers, ropes, and a branch. Yes, the mini garden requires nothing more than these ingredients. Simple? Definitely. Attractive? Very.

Stacked Hanging Planters

hanging planters for indoor plants

hanging planters indoor diy
source : thelovelydrawer

Even if you have limited space, there are various types of DIY hanging planters indoor you can make. For example, a single line of stacked vertical planters like the above.

A single line of stacked vertical planters may not be much, but they make the space look and feel livelier, fresh and more natural. Not to mention it is space-efficient, too. Who wouldn’t want that?

Chic Hanging Planters

hanging planters hooks
Source : thejoyofplants

Need a bit chic vibe in the room? Create DIY hanging planters with laces and old-looking pots. Notice how the plants, pots, laces, and hangers bring a natural and chic vibe to the interior.

Of course, you don’t need to use really old pots. For safety reasons, use new pots and make them look old by abrading, painting or scratching them.

Macrame Knots

hanging planters modern
source : placeofmytaste

We mentioned DIY hanging planters indoor with macramé knots before. This one is another idea to do so. This time, it involves more macramé knots than the previous example.

Notice how the rope isn’t just there to hang the pots. They are also there for an aesthetical purpose as well. Just take a look at how the knots are. The above and below parts of the pots are decorated with knots. Looks very interesting, isn’t it?

DIY Hanging Planters Indoor

hanging planters ideas
source : IKEA

Last but not least, DIY hanging planters indoor made of cooking pots. These white DIY hanging planters blend well with the rest of the room. While the planters themselves don’t stand out, they provide the perfect background for the plants to stand out.

As you can see, the plants become the focal points of the room. It is a surefire way to grab the attention of your guests.

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