19 Basement Finishing Ideas for an Ideal Living Space

Basement Finishing Ideas for Theater Room

There are things you need to know before applying basement finishing ideas. Generally, there are three types of basement finishing: the finished, unfinished basement, and partially finished basement. This page will cover all of them for your inspirations. These basement finishing ideas will be a valuable addition to your home. Even though having a comfortable space in … COMPLETE READING

Ideal Basement Floor Paint Ideas and Flooring Options

Epoxy Basement Floor Paint Ideas with Square Patterns

Choosing basement floor paint is always tricky because there’re many trade-offs. This kind of rooms is notoriously dark, cold, damp, and sometimes they get wet or even flood. So, it’s important to choose high-quality paint. The location of basements is mostly below the ground level. So, the type options of the floors are limited. Many homeowners are … COMPLETE READING

Wonderful Basement Bedroom Ideas that Make a Big Splash

Basement Bedroom Ideas No Windows

What are you thinking when talking about the basement? Yes, the underground place that could be used as storage where you can throw anything in it. Instead of using it as storage, you can turn it into a bedroom. Check our wonderful basement bedroom ideas below! The basement has a solid ceiling and typically has ample space. … COMPLETE READING

Top Recent Basement Storage Ideas for Any Houses

Basement Organization Storage Ideas

Living in a house, regardless of the location, should be both comfortable and homey. The fact is that most households own an underground room, so they may require some great basement storage ideas to achieve that quality. The information below would be useful, for sure. 1. Alternative Basement Storage Ideas As time goes by, a house would … COMPLETE READING

Exquisite Basement Wall Ideas that Bring Good Vibes

Aesthetically Appealing Basement Wall Ideas

Walls can be addressed as the main part of a room that plays a vital role in creating a theme or an atmosphere. Basement wall ideas can be presented according to your preferred style. You can cover them with cement and get them painted. Or, you can let it unfinished with brick or stone walls that look … COMPLETE READING

Basement Bathroom Ideas with Best Scheme

Basement Bathroom Ideas Low Ceiling

A bathroom in the basement sounds like a great help, doesn’t it? Basement bathroom ideas are an escape. For example, if there’s a gym or home theater in the basement, there will be a need for using the bathroom after doing exercise or watching movies. And since it can take some time to get back to the … COMPLETE READING