9+ Unique DIY CD and DVD Storage Ideas You’ll Love

DVD storage ideas are mostly looked for by those who have hobby to watch movies in DVD or any other hobbies related with DVD. So that those persons definitely need DVD storage to keep their collections of DVD neat.

If you are a collector of DVD, you sure do not want your collections to be messy everywhere. That is why you need a storage to save your collections of DVD so that they are treated well. If you are looking for some ideas and also tips about DVD storage, here are some of them. Check them out.

Remodel DVD Storage Ideas

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If you think that DVD storage is too common for you to have, you are able to choose any other kinds of stuff to make it as DVD storage to keep your DVD. Here are some ideas.

  •  Choose Colorful Binders

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Get some binders in your favorite colors. Divide your collections of DVD according to your aspects, for example for DVD movie, divide them into romantic comedy movie DVD, horror movie DVD, thriller movie DVD, adventure movie DVD, and etc.

You are able to store your romantic comedy movie DVD in red binder. Or, you are able to add some pretty and unique labels so that you know what kinds of DVD in the binder. The labels can also be the decorations of the binders.

  • Use a drawer or a basket

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If you happen to have a lot of basket which are not used, you are able to change it into DVD storage to keep your collection of DVDs. Use the DVD slips or DVD sleeves to make your collection of DVDs being organized neatly in the basket. DVD slips or DVD sleeves are thinner compared to DVD case which is bulkier.

So that it is more suitable to be placed in a basket. Choose a pretty and unique basket as your DVD storage. Or you are able to decorate the basket first by painting it with colorful colors or by adding some decorations such as stickers or bows.

  • Create Shelf Case

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If you are happened to have a lot of spare time or you love to create stuff instead of buying it, you are able to create your own shelf DVD case which is fit with your collection of DVDs.

If you create your own shelf DVD, you are able to measure the space so that you are able to save some spaces in the room of your house. It is because the width of some shelves are a lot deeper for the size of DVD.

  • Create DVD shelf on the back door

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You do not want your collections of DVD to be seen by anyone? Then you are able to build your own DVD shelf which are located in the back door of your closet.

If you happen to have a door which is made from solid wood material, you just have to screw the shelf DVD directly on the door. This way will make hiding your collection of DVD as simple and easy as closing your door.

  • Create floating DVD shelf in the wall

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If you are happened to have a narrow wall which is located between two doors, put a floating DVD shelf there. A narrow wall is mostly too small for you to put book shelves, so that DVD shelf is more suitable. Not only you are able to keep your collections of DVDs, you are also able to have a unique decoration in the room of your house this way.

Creative DVD Storage Ideas

You do not have to have a DVD storage with a standard shape. You are able to design your DVD storage more uniquely such as with futuristic design. But you also need to be concerned about design interior around the DVD storage.

Shaped DVD Rack

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You need to combine it perfectly with the other design interiors and furniture around it. Make sure the DVD storage does not look more assertive than the other furniture in the room of your house

Dvd Storage Under TV

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The shelf to store your TV is also able to be combined with the shelf of DVD. This way you will be able to save more spaces in the room of your house and also save more money.

This way you are also able to easily access when you want to choose which DVD movie to play. If needed, the location of TV and location of DVD is not too far so that you easy to access.

Black DVD Storage Ideas

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You are able to choose storage for clothes to save your collections of DVDs. The storage for clothes is able to save more DVDs. So that it is suitable for you who have a lot of DVDs collection. Or you are able to design it on your own.

Entertainment DVD Storage Ideas

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If the room of your house is lack of space, you are able to choose, buy, or design a simple rack to store your collection DVDs.

Choose a simple design of DVD storage such as the one with pole design. This kind of storage of DVDs is able to save more spaces in your petite room of your house.

DVD Storage Ideas for Living Room


If you need some decorations in your living room in your home, you are able to choose built in shelf for DVD in your living room. There are a lot of types and designs of built in storage for DVDs.

The materials used are also various, for example wood and plastic. If you want to bring warm yet elegant atmosphere to the room where you want to put the DVDs storage, built in storage which is made from wood is more suitable.

The natural color of the wood will bring the warm look. But you need to treat it regularly since wood is easily rot. Place it above the sofa or the couch in the living room of your house for example, to make it as one of DVD storage ideas.

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